The Dance Boots

These days, whenever at the library, I look for books typically a collection of short stories in the New Releases section.  Sometimes I find some good ones, the most recent one is The Dance Boots by  Linda LeGarde Grover.  These stories of Native Americans have always resonated with me, an excellent read, part history, part a way of life controlled by various entities, original and full of soul.



Well the tide has turned, now my 13 year old son is recommending books.  He wanted me to read Alan Moore’s classics Watchmen and V for Vendetta. But my old eyes failed me, could not read the bubble texts, so politely declined.

Then after couple of weeks, he suggested Maus I, well I got hooked, in particular the animals Art Spiegelman had chosen to appropriately caricature various nationalities/races is quite interesting.  A pragmatic, heart felt tale of his father surviving the nazi and fellow human atrocities, but the author at times comes out as a jerk, I suppose all sons are at one time or the other with their fathers.  Looking at the zeal at which I finished the first book, he checked out Maus II and handed out to me the next week.


Being a Sherman Alexie Fan, wanted to introduce his writings to my son.  Sherman has recently published his first book for young adults, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.  Ordered thru Amazon and my son liked it very much.  I recommended him to read the inimitable Medicine River by Thomas King, he said he did not get most of it, but True Diary is the correct introduction.

After he had finished reading it (multiple times), I read it in my slow and distracted pace, wonderful writing and poignant indeed.

Check it out.