Campephilus principalis

Well, the 9 year old (going to be 10 in the next few days) wanted to check out some Animal books.  Helping her pick out a book from the Kids non-fiction section, The Race to Save the Last God Bird caught my attention.  So, picked it up for myself.  Serendipity indeed.  What a find, it traces the plight of Ivory Billed Woodpecker, a bird which was in abundance in the Southern United States, and is now considered extinct due to the ruthless encroachment of humans and human needs, destroying Ivory Billed Woodpecker’s habitat and subsequently them.  The book details this and the conservation efforts of few Scientists, which they ultimately failed in saving this species, but started a whole range of broad conservancy efforts, which are in effect till date.  A fascinating and educational read, you will be disappointed at the humans but not at this book.


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