Well, one more day of a sojourn up to the City to visit the Indian Consulate at Geary & Arguello.  The way stuff works here is, you submit the application in the morning and pick it up in the evening, so you have a good few hours to roam around.  With my recent frequent visits to the consulate, I alternate between taking Route 38 back to Market Street or spending time around Geary.

This time, I resolved that I will get some studying done, went looking for a Library, no, coffee shops do not work for me. ;-)  Asked around, nobody knew where a nearby library is, by that time I had walked up to Arguello & Clement and accidentally landed in San Fransicso’s New China Town, excellent.

Spent a good bit of time at Green Apple books, picked up a couple, had lunch in a nice Thai restaurant.  Check this area out if you have some errands to run in the consulate or if you happen to be around this area.

Studying,  you ask, what Studying ? ;-)


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