Malar Hospital, Chennai (1995)

Steep stair steps, crowded elevators, various religious idols and symbols to give one strength and hope, the corridors are narrow.  Marble laden floors and walls making one wonder about the pomposity of the material use and whether the foundation is laid strong enough to carry the weight.  On one side of the corridor is the ICU with lives at various stages of fighting, the other side the neo-natal ward welcoming new life to this strife ridden world.  One walks the length of the corridor back and forth, initially catching attention, then becomes a regular sight to the staff and frequent visitors.

PSG Hospital, Coimbatore (2006)

Here Corridors are the king, wide and laid out to the length and breadth of the hospital, gives choices to one.  With the availability of abundant farm land, many more buildings will get erected eventually, one hopes they stick to the same dimensions for corridors.  Marble laden floors, somehow not as offensive as Malar’s.  One avoids the length, which has rooms on both sides, but the width, one repeats the to’s and fro’s, incessantly.

O’Connor Hospital, San Jose (2010)

Corridors are short in length, some waiting chairs, a gurney abandoned to one side, linoleum floors with un-symmetric block patterns, chipped walls and moldings.  One tries to walk the length, a middle-aged Hispanic lady, walking the other side, never meeting the eyes, sun light pouring from both sides of the building, keeps one’s spirit up.  Idols are here as well, in the main lobby and also in every room, did not see anybody pray in front of it, but then there is a Chapel inside to give people strength and hope.


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