Some M$ bashing

A while ago, gotten my son a Compaq laptop installed with Windows Visa Basic and then installed Microsoft Office 2003, but somehow it installed M$O 2007 and it throws up all sorts of dialogs starting with ‘Preparing to Install’, when invoked.  Crappy stuff, yesterday I had enough of that and uninstalled both M$O 2007 (wtf ?) and M$O 2003.  My hatred towards M$ products strengthen, whenever I come access them.  (replace stuff with the slang for excrement ;-)  I beg and plead my son to let me install Ubuntu, but he staunchly refuses as he wants to play PC Games.  PC Games under virtual machines and emulations, that should wait for another post.

A decade or so ago, while working for a product company, who had make infrastructure that would build in Windows, gotten invited to a ‘Technology Preview’ of M$ Products at Redmond.  Nice Campus, nice people, but somewhat cult like. (which most product companies are)  Most of the demos given in the technology preview sessions involve Visual Basic and COM, who cares about this stuff, not in my world.

Now I need to wean my kids away from M$, a responsibility of every Parent. ;-)


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