Everything is kept in RAM and the database is just a backup

Everything is kept in RAM and the database is just a backup, this line got my eye (and the old brain) while reading Twitter an Evolving Architecture.  Quite an interesting read.  Disk became the new Tape, Memory became the new Disk with layers of Memory cache lines with different latencies.  I suppose there will be memory farms akin to disk farms of yester (and current) years, would be interesting to see how the interconnects would be, interesting times ahead ..

Whenever I read about the current trends exploiting Moore’s dividend, I fondly remember the raised floors of over chilled server rooms, aluminium separators for floor tiles stinging the bare feet with their cold surfaces, DASD arrays with plexiglass window at the top, whirring tape drive cabinets, operators with manuals for IPL and startup procedures, batch process failures, JCL restarts, ray tracing a VAX 11 to its knees, parsers written in Cobol,  370/Assembler self modifying routines (NOP  == B to the next instruction),  CLIST editor macros, GML, all in one PL/1, ABENDs, reading core dumps, oh, those were the days.  Geezer!, you say, yes I proudly am. ;-)


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