Copy files from IPOD to MAC and back to IPOD (aka migrate IPOD from being attached to one library to another)

Simple (this on a mac), usual disclaimers apply. Worked for me, may be not for you ;-)

  1. plug in ipod
  2. start itunes
  3. keep the annoying do you want to erase and sync with this library ? message hanging
  4. fire up a terminal window, find the IPOD volume under /Volumes
  5. mkdir -p ~/music-from-ipod
  6. find . -name '*.m*' -exec cp {} ~/music-from-ipod \; Well this finds all the mp3, m4a files.
  7. cancel the itunes pop up window, quit itunes
  8. fire up itunes, cancel the popup window, choose to add to library, choose ~/music-from-ipod
  9. verify files in library are intact, play a few
  10. quit and fire up itunes
  11. this time, choose to erase and sync
  12. choose Autofill from library, and sync back files from library
  13. now you are back in business, with the new MAC (my family loves it), IPOD in it’s native environment

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